Photo: Uwe Arens

Photo: Uwe Arens

Handle with Care stays ONLINE !!!

Between lock down, slow reopening and the uncertainty of how and if and at all ... two courses, with two small changes:


- both courses are open to women and men

- both courses are taught in German ( in case somebody only understands English I will handle that, too)


And here are the invitation links:


Tuesday 20:00


Zoom-Meeting beitreten


Wednesday 20:00


Zoom-Meeting beitreten


The lesson:

I will guide you through various exercises in which you let your breath flow, feel, stretch, make yourself flexible, strengthen muscles and let go for a while. Based on these exercises, there will be a sequence of dance, free movement, in which you pursue your own movement impulses with music.


What you need in order to participate satisfactorily: the best is so much space to spread out lying down, preferably on a blanket or mat. And a device on which you can receive zoom.



I recommend you to log in 15 minutes before the start. So you have time to try out your technology and set it up. You can also see who else is there, if you want, you can get in touch, exchange a few words or relax and wait until the lesson begins.


My individual support depends on the number of participants. I will guide you in detail so that you can get involved with yourself. You don't have to see the others. We are connected by the knowledge that we are all doing the same thing in different places.


At the end of the lesson, I leave the room open for another 15 minutes for anyone who wants to stay. But it is also okay to say goodbye quietly. Everyone does what suits them best.



Please transfer the participation fee


6: 00 € - 10: 00 €

- per hour attended

- according to your financial self-assessment, I rely on your sincerity


via Paypal:


The attendance of the online courses has diminished with increasing light and advancing time. I know that from colleagues too. And I can understand how tired I am. Still, I'm happy about every single one of you who shows up. It feels good.!!! And be sure that at the end of the fiber optic cable there are real people with real feelings and we are connected by doing the same thing at the same time.


Feel free to contact me if you have any questions.