Photo: Uwe Arens

Photo: Uwe Arens



next WS FREE DANCE on 20.9.2010 from 10am - 4 pm


Life defines through limits. With increasing age our body degrades. Often I hear that people stop dancing, or don`t even start, because something hurts or because they believe that their body doesn`t comply with a standard. Coming up against limits it is exactly the point when we have to develop a new awareness. 


DANCING is independent of age. It unfolds in all stages of life.


In my format of FREE DANCE norms don`t exist. It is an invitation to be there with the respective individual state, to engage oneself, to find ways to deal with it and to create something together, to dance.

My Courses are open to everybody.

Beginners, advanced and professionals, old and young. Everyone brings along oneself. We learn and benefit from each other.


We start with a fundamental warm-up respecting physical conditions leading to awareness of our own in space and time and everything what is connected to it. In single sequences we enter deeper more complex structures which can spread out in any directions. They are the frame for our improvisation and performance.


K77 Studio, Kastanienallee 77, 10435 Berlin 

Level: open / in German / English

Price: 60€ 

Contact / Registration: hillasteinert(at) or 01723187795